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Briann Smith

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Seduce my mind and you can have my Body
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Two weeks Break:(

Sep 5th @ 3:10am EDT

Heey,Im sorry to announce but I will be offline for two weeks!Im working for new project and thats need time!
In period 4-18 September 2017 I will be offline,but anyone who really miss me and want to have some time with me can message me and keep in contact!
I will miss you all>:d<
Be Good and Don't forget me:*

Long time away

Jun 25th @ 1:33pm EDT

Hey guy's I write this for people who were wonder where I am in this period?!Well,I will be away in period 23 June-2 July 2017 to fix some things for school,Is my senior year and I should do some sacrifices to gratuade(hooray)
On 2nd July 2017 is the biggest and the most wanted Pool Party,I will be there waiting you to see me and my buddies having a lot of fun together!See ya on 2nd July!!!

A Fantasy That I Think About A Lot

Feb 24th @ 1:36am EST

About a year ago, I had a fantasy about another man. I still find myself thinking about it, thinking about how it would feel to be with a man. So I decided to find out. I had found someone that has had the same feelings I had and asked him if he would like to try it. He said he wanted to see what it was like so we found a place to meet. I ran my hands down his body, feeling his soft skin and finding his soft cock. I start rubbing it and it's getting hard so I ask him if he would like me to blow him and he said yes. I knelt down and run my tongue up his shaft; bringing my mouth around the head I can feel him getting harder.

I get into the rhythm as I'm sucking him and I can't help but moan. My cock is getting so hard it hurts and I grab onto him and pull him deeper into my mouth. He grabs my head and helps me go faster. As I speed up he moans loudly and then says he's going to cum. I pull away and say no, telling him I want it inside me. Already on my knees, I turn and bend over, exposing my ass. I feel something cool and wet on my hole and then he puts the head of his cock against my hole. I take a deep breath and he pushes it into me.

I feel my hole open up and I yell out for him to stop because it hurts. He stops for a moment and the pain eases. I can feel his cock inside me and I have to say it feels so big and hard. Then he starts moving in and out of me and I can't help but to moan loudly. I start to feel my cock leak and with every thrust of his cock it gets more intense. I bear down on the bed and yell as I shoot my hot cum all over. As I cum, my muscles contract onto his cock and he grunts with pleasure.

With every push his cock is getting so big that I feel his veins inside me. He grabs my hips and pushes himself deep inside me and yells out that he is coming. I feel his hot cum stream inside me like I do to my wife and I say, "Yes, give it all to me!" and I then cum again.

I feel his cock throb inside me and then I find myself saying I want more. I put my chest on the bed and push into him as his hands go onto my back and he thrusts into me. I moan more and more and I feel his cock sliding in and out more freely. As it moves in and out I feel his cum coming out of my freshly fucked hole. I feel like coming again so I push faster and harder into him and I hear him chanting "yes, oh yes" as he pushes hard. He is pushing so far into me that I feel his cock in my belly and that makes me cum so hard that it hits me in the mouth.

He pushes into me again and again; his cock is so hard and he is driving it so deep inside me. I ask for more, begging him to please give it to me as I want every last drop of cum he can give. With those words he screams, "Here it comes!" and then I feel it shoot inside me. I scream in joy and then drop down to the bed weakly. I find myself crying, asking what just happened to me? How can I enjoy this so much when I have been married 10 years? But when I look up, he's gone.

I love you in your underwear

Feb 21st @ 1:40am EST

Walking into your room and there you were, in your underwear. The way that you lay there on your back, with your legs over the edge of the bed was so sexy, I immediately felt that same thrill of desire, just like I always used to when I saw you in your underwear back in those schooldays.
This time I was going to be braver than last time we met; even if I risked total rejection, I just had to know if it was all My fantasy or if there was something in you that felt the way that I did.
I sat down next to you and put my hand on your thigh...
"You have such lovely legs", I said.
You smiled and looked at my hand, still resting there on that lovely thigh. For a moment my courage failed me.
"Oh, sorry", I said, taking my hand away, and flushing with embarrassment.
"No, that was kind of nice, the way you touched me", you said.
Hearing those words, and the way you smiled when you said 'Touched me' sent a warm thrill right through me, my heart beat fast and I felt myself trembling inside.
This could be the moment I had dreamed about for so long!
If I didn't take this chance I knew I would regret it forever, so, trying to steady the tremble in my voice I asked:
"Would you like me to touch you some more?".
"That could be nice", you replied.
I reached out and put my hand on your knee, after a moment I began stroking your leg, slowly moving upwards, soon my fingertips were caressing the inside of your thighs, I looked at that delicious bulge in your pants, it was visibly getting bigger, you had closed your eyes and were smiling..........
Oh what a beautiful feeling, this was really happening at last!
I let just the tips of my fingers lightly touch there, while I watched the expression on your face, you gave a small sigh and moved slightly, then you took my hand and placed it right there where it wanted to go, Oh what a gorgeous feeling!
I stroked the soft cotton, feeling the form of your cock in there, you opened your mouth and sighed with pleasure.
This was so nice, I was very aroused now, my cock stiff in my pants, I touched myself as I continued to stroke you there.
I pictured all the things I had always fantasized doing with you.
Feeling bold, and extremely horny, I got off the bed and knelt down between your knees, you slid forward towards me and opened your legs wide.....
"Oh yes.....Please...!" you said, as I began kissing the inside of your thighs. My kisses moving up between your legs, I felt the warmth of you, that delicious sexy bulge just inches from my face.
I leaned forward and kissed you there, pressing my lips against the cotton, Oh the feeling of it! I was doing all the things that I ever dreamed about, the times I'd masturbated to this fantasy and here it was really happening! I was kneeling between your legs and kissing you through your pants, and Oh I was loving it!
I opened my mouth wide, breathing my warmth onto you, feeling your pleasure as I moved my lips.......................
I reached up and very slowly began to pull down your pants, gently freeing that beautiful big stiff cock, Oh and there you were, naked and so desirable, your big sexy cock, and those lovely big balls, so soft and full, I stroked them with my fingertips, then leaned forward again and kissed them, licked them and caressed them with my lips.
By the sounds you were making, it was clear that you were in Seventh Heaven, and I was so happy to be sending you there!
I began to lick your cock, slowly from base to tip, but I couldn't resist for long and in no time at all I was shivering with delight at the indescribable thrill of your cock slipping between my hungry lips...!
"Oh Yes..., but I want you too....!" you sighed, as you reached down, stroking my hair, and gently pushing me away.
"What do you want to do?" I asked.
"Oh...... a beautiful sixty-nine with you", you replied.
I got up from where I was and we both lay down end to end on the bed, I felt you pulling down my pants.....
Soon we were both naked, I reached out and cupped your lovely firm buttocks in my hands and pulled you towards me, burying my face between your legs, kissing and licking you passionately.
Then I felt your warm lips on me, I took your beautiful cock once more in my mouth, I reached between your legs and softly fondled your balls with my fingertips, you began to move your hips slowly, Oh such a sexy wonderful feeling as your cock slipped in and out between my lips, I began to move my hips in time with you, slowly, slowly, we made Love....................

My friends dad

Feb 20th @ 12:55am EST

I had just moved into my new apartment and my friend dad was going to help me put in a new microwave range over the stove. I woke up and saw that he would be coming in about an hour or so. I went out for a bite to eat and coffee, lots of coffee. I had never met my friend's dad so I did not know what to expect. I sat at a table after finishing my breakfast and could see a man looking at me as he sat beside my table. 'Hi' I said in a friendly manner.
'Hello' he replied. We started talking. He was an older gentleman muscular and friendly. As we talked he moved over to my table and even closer until I saw I had to go that my friend dada would be at my place soon. The man made me feel at ease but I had something else I had to do and excused myself and left after paying my bill.
I arrived back at my apartment and put some coffee on when my friend dad knocked at the door, and was I surprised it was the man who I had talked with in the restaurant. We both laughed and he came in. I couldn't help but look how hot he looked and the bulge in his pants didn't help me ease my stare at all. When he turned his eyes towards mine he saw what I was looking at. I didn't know if he knew his son was gay or not so I had to play it cool.
'Oh sorry lost in thought' I said trying to cover my lustful thought too.
'That's Ok' he said 'my sons gay the apple doesn't fall far from the tree I am afraid' we started with coffee and talking about his son and his life.
'It's what ended my marriage. I loved her but time has a way of changing us and I started seeing men and one thing lead to another, next thing I know I decided to leave and let her find her way' he said honestly then turned his eyes on to me. 'How long have you been gay?' he asked.
'Oh well I like guys and girls' I said holding my coffee cup in my hand as we sat at my glass kitchen table and I could see his crotch through it. Pretending to look at the cut I watched intently as his cock grew hard. We stopped talking long enough to put up the microwave range up and at one point I was standing my hands up over my head holding the thing up and he had to reach around me to screw the thing into place. I could feel each breath he took, his cologne wafting over me and his cock pushing into my back side, making me week in the knees.
'Keep holding it' he said as I closed my eyes and fought with myself to hold it up. His hands touched both sides of my chest and moved slowly around than played with my nipple making them hard. My cock was getting hard as I fought to hold the damn thing up. I came out of my trace when his hand went into my pants and he played gently with my hard cock. I let go of the range and it stayed up. I stood there in a place not far from ecstasy and undid my pants letting them fall to the floor. With no underwear on, he saw everything I had to offer. As I turned around to get face to face with him he continued to hold my hard cock in his hand, gently moving along its shaft. I place my hands onto his chest, feeling all his muscles. With his free hand he undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. I looked at his hard cock that beckoned me to it. My hand moved to his large mushroom cock and I took hold of it.
'Let's move to the bedroom' I said. Once in the bedroom I sat on the bed thinking I was going to suck his cock but his cock had somehow taken control over me. I can't tell you how but it did. My hand took hold of his hard cock and I could feel the sheer power it possessed. I other hand cradled his balls and I wanted to suck his cock so bad yet I couldn't. Soon he gently pushed me back laying me down and took control. His hand were soft gentle and powerful as he began pumping my cock. I still hung on with one hand to his, as he moved down and took my cock into his mouth. My balls tensed up ready to explode on his command but the order never came. Instead his finger played on my hole gently making circles around it and pushing it open but never going in. he was driving me wild.
'There's lube in the stand' I said pointing to the small stand beside the bed. He reached over and took it out never letting go of my cock. He licked my cock a bit as he applied the lube. 'If you keep doing that I will shoot' I told him and he stopped licking my hard ready to explode cock.

18 I lost top virginity to a 30 year old guy

Sep 23rd @ 1:45am EDT

The third guy that I had ever been sexual with was a 65 year old lawyer that I met in an online AIM chat room when I was 19 years old. The first time we met up was at his law firm that was in the city of the county I lived in. He was one of the main bosses of the law firm and we had arranged to set an appointment time with his secretary at about 3:30 so he could see a "potential" client. He would usually do this with a lot of younger guys and everyone in his law firm--which happens to be a lot of people, didn't have a clue. So I made an appointment and showed up and talked to his secretary, who went and got him and we introduced ourselves to each other. He gave me oral sex while I was wearing a condom because I was an extremely paranoid person.

We would continue to speak online after this occurred and several months later we decided to meet up to have sex in a motel in the city. I had to get really stoned before hand to go through with this and to also get in the mood. So before I met him at the motel room he had rented, I sat in my car across the street and got really stoned. I arrived at the motel room and knocked on the door and was greeted by him. After we chatted for a bit about how shitty the room was, I told him I had to use the bathroom. In the bathroom I anxiously got completely naked and walked out of the bathroom to which he was very surprised that I was naked. I lay in the bed naked and watched as the 45 year old lawyer got naked in front of me, he had a 6 inch cut penis that was normal girth, and my cock is 7 inches very thick cut. He proceeded to give me oral sex without a condom on this time, after a while, I turned around and laid on my stomach, this indicated to him that I wanted him to fuck me in the ass.

He put on a condom while I lubed up my asshole and fingered it for a moment, his cock was about 6 inches thin if I remember correctly. When he penetrated my asshole is hurt for a brief moment while putting it inside me and about 3 seconds later I hear him cry a moan loudly and fall on top of me. It was a bit awkward to have a guy get off that fast almost embarrassing if you ask me, but before that could go any farther he told me it was my turn. So I put a condom on, he lubed up and turned onto his stomach, this is the first time I have ever fucked a man in his ass. I pushed it in fairly easy and fast to when he moaned/screamed as I did it, it was very tighter and warmer than a pussy. I fucked him very hard and fast for a few minutes with the goal of getting off as fast as I could because this wasn't like sex with women; I was in it for myself. I whispered into his ear, almost biting it at the same time, and kept asking him if he liked it. After a bit I felt a huge amount of pleasure and pressure from my cock, I scream into his ear that I am cumming and I orgasm inside of him very hard and fast for about 30 seconds while also collapsing on top of him. I laid there for a good minute moaning and without moving before I finally took my dick out of his ass and got up. To my disgust I see the condom is covered in shit and when the lawyer see's it he tells me be careful taking it off. I carefully take it off and flush it in the toilet. I get back in the bed with him and we talk naked for a few minutes before we get up and I start to put my clothes on. He walks me to the door naked and we say goodbye, as I walk away I see he's still standing at the door naked watching me. As I am leaving the motel to my car I see police at the door of one of the motel rooms, which is a reminder I just had gay sex in a shithole motel. This was the last time I saw the lawyer, however, we would continue to talk on AIM over the years. This was not the last time I had sex with a man top or bottom. Hope you enjoyed.

My gloryhole encounter

Sep 10th @ 1:35am EDT

Im sitting here in this little dark booth, watching she-male porn, my cock hard from the porn and rubbing on it and now I have a thick white semi hard cock poking through the gloryhole in the wall waiting on me to do something to it. I won't lie, I did'nt sit and think about it too long, I just reached out and grabbed the cock and slowly started stroking it. I've never done the gloryhole thing, I may not know the signal but, I was'nt stupid, I know what the guy wanted! Im not gay, don't even consider myself bi at all but, I am a freak, I love sex, loving recieving pleasure but love giving pleasure even more believe it or not so, what the fuck, i'll get this cock off. I was stroking him slow and his dick got harder and harder. It was a thick about 5 or 6 inch cock, fat head and thick veined. As he grew harder, I noticed my own cock throbbing harder then normal. Yep, I was highly turned on from holding this man's cock in my hand and feeling it grow as I stroked on it. Fuck it, noone is gonna know, I thought to myself, I got out of the chair, went to my knees and took this thick throbbing piece of white meat into my mouth and started sucking it! I heard a deep voice " Oh Yeah, Suck That Dick" Suck it, I did and, I was fucking loving it! I was so turned on feeling this thick veined cock in my mouth and got VERY turned on when he started thrusting it and I could hear him letting out some moans. The thrusts started getting faster so I sucked him harder, taking his cock all the way into my throat. He was now fucking my face and I felt his cock start pulsating fast and I knew he was about to cum so I sucked faster and harder going with each thrust and I knew I should'nt have but, I let it happen.... He let out a loud grunt and his dick exploded in my mouth and I just kept working it, taking a mouth full of cum and I LOVED IT! I was about to cum myself, my dick was throbbing and pulsating hard as he kept pumping his hot thick cream into my mouth. It started running out, down my chin, all down my chest... once again I thought to myself and again I thought "fuck it, I started swallowing that hot jizz... My own cock exploded, I did'nt even have to touch my dick, I was that turned on. I sucked that man's cock, sucking out every last drop and I still kept sucking him til he pulled his going limp cock away. I sat there on my knees, a load of cum down my throat, my underwear covered in my own jizz and my cock still throbbing hard, still turned on from just getting off that thick meat. I yanked my shorts down and started stroking my own cock hard and fast, thinking about what I had just done and, SPLASH, all over the wall I blew another load!

Back sitting in the chair, trying to catch my breath and gather myself, I looked down at my shirt which is covered with that mans cum, sticking to me, my underwear stuck to my cock and balls from my load and watching my second load dripping down the wall. FUCK, that was awsome, I wanted more! Though I wanted more, I decided to sneak out of there and try to make it back to my car without anyone seeing the mess all over my shirt. I make it out to my car unnoticed (I think) my cock still throbbing from what I just done and then I simply just leave already in my mind planning my next visit back :-o

Love older guys

Sep 9th @ 1:23am EDT

Love mature men

This is a true story about a hot older man that I met online, When I was younger I often loved being on cam with other guys playing with myself. I am a canadian indian, about 5'9 and 170 pounds, I go to the gym 4 times and week and am very fit and toned. I have abs light skin and eyes and has only had one experience with a male, my cock is about 7 inches long.I joined a website to meet singles and would send messages to single older gay males to chat with and play with. After meeting tons of guys on this site I would skype with them, There was one gentlemen that was always free to talk to me and he was very cute and caring. I have only been with one guy and it was out of curiosity. Every night I would go on skype and drink some wine, we would cam for hours, I would call him daddy and loved the site of his thick cock.
He would ask me to be his boyfriend and We would tell each other that we loved each other. This relationship had gone on for about 4 years, I felt like I had really known Jim. We would talk and talk I loved everything about him, he wanted to take me away on vacation and walk hand on hand on the beach. His name was Jim, He was a music teacher, very cute with glasses nice build, nice and a 7.5 inch cock, fairly thick Jim was about 42 years old. I was very nervous in meeting people and Jim was getting frustrated he really wanted to meet me. He often asked me to come over and spend the night, but I would always make excuses. I could see that he was getting turned off, He lived about 25 minutes away.
I had just recently broke up with my girlfriend and was lonely and sad, while talking with Jim I noticed that he really did care about me and I cared about him. He would complement me and we would talk about anything. I decided to go to his house. He was a single gay male living in a small house, he had a very nice interior.
When I arrived he was wearing dress pants and a dress shirt and tie, he said that he had just finished work and I showed up just on time. He invited me in and Jim was cooking dinner for us, he had a table set with a candle and a bottle of wine and some beers, Older guys really new how to treat a man. Jim made spaghetti and meatballs it was delicious, we sat and chatted drinking wine for a couple hours. Jim was very polite he had told me that we could take our time and do anything that I wanted, which had made me more relaxed. We made our ways over to his couch where he put a movie on, jim had changed into some shorts and I could see his bulge, I could feel my cock slowly getting hard. Ten minutes into the movie he asked me if he could give me a massage, he said that he loved my tanned soft skin and my muscular physique. I took my shirt off and laid on my chest as he massaged my body it felt amazing he really knew what he was doing, Jim started to kiss my neck and I started to giggle loving every minute of it. He asked me if I would like to stay over since it was a lengthy drive and I had now been kind of drunk I told him ill see how I feel later.

The solar guy gives a recommendation

Sep 8th @ 1:49am EDT

"Look, this is really silly, and it only helps to verify, but if you could look at Bing or Google maps for me, I just need to verify a few things before I can give you a proper quote" he said.

Too quickly I responded, "Sure, follow me." it was only after I stood up and started to walk to my office that I realised what was on the PC. I had only turned off the screen. Shit. Well, at least it was straight porn, nice big, juicy tits and wet cunts being fucked.....shut the fuck up I said to myself....then we were in the office.

"Um...look sorry about this, but, well..." as I turned on the screen. Thankfully the sound was down but as the screen came on it showed the scene climax of a couple of guys shooting streams of cum over some humungous tits and the woman's face, making it drip down her chin. Tim smiled. "No problem." he said smiling "Hey, we all watch it. You mind?" he reached over and grabbed the mouse and opened another browser window, just to the side so the other scene was still visible.

He opened a map application and zoomed in to my house and showed me what he was talking about with respect to the roofline and the sunlight as the sun moved overhead. I had a bit of trouble concentrating on what he was saying as I was looking at the scene where the woman was now being double penetrated wtih cum still dripping from her face and tits.

Tim shifted the mouse again this time he moved the paper I had put on the desk to cover the popper and lube. When he saw them, he looked at me and asked, "You mind?" and he grabbed the popper and opened it and took a deep sniff then handed the bottle to me.

"You like this?" he asked. "Well, hell yeah." I replied as I took the bottle.

"No. I mean this...." and Tim leaned back in the seat opened his legs, along with his zipper and pulled out his stiffening cock.

I breathed in the vapour then dived down on his elegantly long dick and sucked it deeply into my mouth and throat.

Tim moaned, "Fuck yeah.....mmmmmm" as he shifted I heard the volume go up on the PC and the sound of fucking and the womans moans mingle with my own and Tim's.

I reached down and pulled out my hard member feeling pre-cum dripping and lubricating my strokes then I reached up and pulled on Tim's balls before sucking and biting them gently and rolling those huge eggs in my mouth.

Tim reached over and was playing with my asshole gently prodding his fingers which were slipery and wet, he must have lubed them up already. It felt so good to have a hard cock in my mouth and my ass being played with. Reluctantly I released his cock and turned around. Tim grabbed my waist then gently eased his stiff dick into my eager hole.

His pole slid into me filling me up and stimulating my prostate so I almost spurted cum on his first stroke. I calmed myself as Tim eased up off the chair so he could fuck me. He reached around so he could stroke my cock in rhythm with his fucking.

Then I heard a small cough and looked up from my ass-fuckingto see my cleaning lady standing there with her tits out and hands deep in her wet hole. A grin from me and she was on the floor sucking down my cock.

Tim pulled out of my ass and dived his cock into the cleaning ladies hot hole, pumping and making her squeak every time she lifted her head from my throbbing pole. It was too much for me and I straightened and grabbed her face with one hand stroking my hard dick with the other then shot a jet of jism into her face so hard it splashed off and dribbled down onto her tits. Tim eagerly leaned over and licked it up and then leaned over to suck up the remaining cum dripping from my cock while he kept fucking her cunt.

Welcum home

Sep 5th @ 1:26am EDT

My boyfriend had been away for three weeks now and he was supposed to come home today. I really missed him and I was looking forward to some hot sex with him once he got back, especially because I didn't get any the whole time he was gone (except masturbating, auto-felatio, and self-anal against a wall mounted dildo. I mean it does the job, but it's not the same.) So I started preparing for the moment he will walk through the door, hopefully very horny. If not, I was very determined to arouse him badly. Although I am a guy I have feminine features which I like to exploit; I have shoulder long brown curly hair, big and curved natural eyelashes, pretty big lips for a guy and I am about 5.5 feet tall and weigh 128 pounds. He's like 6 feet tall, very muscular, and well built. He can easily pick me up. He has blue eyes, dark hair, and a body that makes you want to lick it all.

In order to look girlish I've already waxed my body, painted my nails and toenails fire red; that day I put on a cupless white lace corset, a pair of white lace panties, and I rolled up my white backseam stockings which discreetly let my hip tattoo of a red rose and my ankle bracelet show. I also wore a sweet, but daring, perfume and makeup like mascara, dark grey eye shadow, and red lipstick to match my nails. Put on a pair of high heels and I was ready for a great fuck.

I was admiring myself in the mirror when I realized that I'm not wearing any necklace, so I immediately put one on; nothing fancy, just something wide and made of some kind of lace. I did the same for my cock with a colored red ring and I also prepared my back door with a 2 inch glass butt plug (which by the way I am wearing as I am writing this).

Not long after I was ready, I heard the doorbell. I opened the door just as I was and he was amazed. He just stood in the door and I had to pull him in and jump in his arms. He easily lifted me and we started kissing passionately. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and I started kissing his neck and ear, feeling his earring in my mouth. I immediately unzipped his fly and pulled out my favorite thing in the world... his 7.5 inch juicy cock.

"Hello Big Boy!!!" I said before making half of it disappear in my mouth, slowly deepthroating myself with it and spitting on it from time to time. I wondered whom he had fucked while he was away, just to torture and arouse myself even more. I continued on sucking his dick and balls right there on the hallway until he stopped me and took me on his arms in bed. There he held both my hands with his strong arm as he kissed my neck and face, playing with my nipples, and softly whispering how much he likes the way I look. Further on he pulled off my panties as he started liking my cock saying he loves the taste of my little clit in his mouth and the way the red ring makes it so hot. I felt his fingers around my filled anus as he gently took the but plug out, replacing it with three of his fingers moving in and out and saying, "Looks like somebody is very horny today."

Holiday at the breakwall

Sep 4th @ 1:57am EDT

I got the cold shoulder again from the wife so after she took her customary sleeping tablet, i waited until she was asleep, got into my running gear and headed out.

The holiday was supposed to have been a way for us to get back in touch with each other. Guy talk for more sex than was happening up to that point. Or so I had hoped. We were in the south of France, great weather, great beaches, great views (tried hard not to be too obvious at perving at the amount of bare flesh on the beaches) but it wasn't really happening for us. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing really wrong with us, she still looks great and can turn heads and we still get on (no divorce courts or anything) it just that she has gone off the boil in the sex department.

Anyway, I thought I'd go for a walk or run down by the foreshore near the hotel where we were staying. It had just gone 10PM, so there were a few bars still open along the waterfront and one nightclub was just starting to fire up, with a few nice views of it's own, if you get my drift. I looked around for a quiet place to go and noticed that the breakwater extended a fair way out. Turns out that the seawall was well over 2 km long. Long enough to get away but not too far to be totally away from things. I also noticed that the street lighting didn't extend the whole length, nice opportunity for me to find a quiet spot and release some tension.

So, I start to walk along the seawall and it actually starts to widen out into a long narrow park, with a few trees and secluded spots when I happen to notice a really fit guy come walking toward me. Just to fill things in a bit more, the days had been nice and hot, around the mid-30&#8242;s and the evening was still clear and the tempurature had only dropped to the mid-high 20&#8242;s. Perfect walking temp for me. Anyway, this guy is walking toward me, without a shirt on, and his bare chest looks almost chisled in the dim evening light and the tight shorts seem to accentuate his long lithe legs. He smiles and nods as he walks passed. Now that was something to fantasize about I thought to myself. Playing with his firm pecs and nipples while I stroke his hard cock before either sucking it down or letting him fuck me.

Whoa boy, I say to myself. My cock had sprung to life and even though it was dark, it was pretty noticable. I look around trying to get my thoughts off sex for a moment when in the near distance I can see another couple in silhouette. Someone was giving a guy a headjob. In public. On the seawall. Again, it was dark and no chance of being seen by anyone from the main thoroughfare or waterfront, but that was something I didn't really expect. Now my hard-on really had no chance of subsiding until I did something about it.

I walked around the cocksucking, being able to hear the soft moans and sucking sounds above the gentle lapping of the seawater against the breakwater. I stopped about 20 metres further along the path and found a place to lean against a railing and looked back to the couple I had just passed. The guy being sucked seemed to have an enormous dick. I was looking back toward the lit section of the breakwall and every time the sucker came up for air the monster cock seemed to dwarf his head. I sat there and started to stroke myself getting very horny watching the suck session when I heard another soft moan off to my left. I looked and saw a couple of guys, naked, one leaning over the railing I was leaning against with the other guy fucking him from behind and reaching over to stroke his hard cock.

This must be a local beat, I thought to myself. I wonder what is further along the track. Trying to calm myself from all of the rampant sex I could see happening, I started to walk down the path. Luckily I had brought my wank pack with me which contained a small bottle of poppers and as I walked I pulled out the bottle and took a sniff. Immediately the rush hit me and along with the warm night air, the soft moans I could hear and now the moon rising low in the east, I thought to myself, what the hell, and took off my t-shirt as I walked down the path. The heady mix of location, warmth and now the buzz in my head meant my cock was rock hard and ready from something.

Just then the path turned slightly and I was looking out over the water and saw what I took to be a well-endowed, naked woman lying stretched out on a rug near the breakwater. There was another two guys taking it in turns to pleasure her below and ravish those tits. I got closer and saw that the woman actually had a large and glistening cock. I quietly moved closer and by now had my stiff prick in my hand slowly stroking in time with the guy sucking on that fabulous cock. The woman shifted slightly and saw me standing close by. She motioned me over and when I got close enough she reached out and started to stroke my throbbing member.

Pre-cum was leaking out of my cock and she teased the head with her fingers then pulled me in close enough for her to suck on my dick. I leaned into the action and playfully twisted a huge nipple before leaning in to suck on a nipple. As I was bent over I felt a strong hand slide up my back then push me down so I was lying on top of those great tits. The same strong hand became two, holding me down while my legs were parted and a probing tongue lashed my hole. Before I knew what was happening I had a hard cock plowing in to me and hearing, "Oui, oh oui....oh oui....prendre ce bite" to which I responded "Oui.....baiser moi....baiser plus...."

Go for it

Aug 28th @ 1:15am EDT

I'm sure there are plenty of them that say that. What they mean is that they don't fit into what society thinks of as a gay man. And I don't either. I enjoy women very much. I am aroused by them. I fuck them. Well, I used to fuck women. Now I only fuck my wife of eight years - Helen. I'm still as turned on by her as I always was. Thing is...I have a deep fantasy that I just can't reveal. Turns out I didn't have to.

Helen and her friends had planned a vacation, girls only, for a while. Now that winter was here they were on their way south to lay in the sun, get wasted, go dancing, and other assorted girl things that I had no interest in. The first night alone in the house was pretty cool. I ordered a pizza the way I like it, rented a couple new movies on cable, and sat back on the couch in my underwear. All the while my fantasies were creeping up to the front of my thoughts.

I grabbed my laptop halfway into the second movie and checked the casual encounters section of a local online ad page. I had been checking the ads every so often, just out of curiosity, to see what people were into. It was a world just outside of my reach but, tonight, I felt braver every second that passed. I had been alone at home for no longer than six hours before I began to feel adventurous. Just for tonight, I told myself, just for tonight.

After turning off the movie, which could no longer hold my interest, I dove into the ads more deeply. I couldn't believe what some people were offering and/or asking for: Anonymous meetings at the park. I'll bring my wife over to your place so we can both fuck her. Come stick your dick in this hole at this location to have it strings attached.

Finally one piqued my interest more than the others. This one is what I had been waiting for for so long. This, I thought to myself, would fill my fantasy and I could get on with my life.

Wanted: man to take care of me and my friends.

My buddies and I are having a little party tonight. Wanna cum? You'll have to make us first.

Be prepared to take care of all five of us.

I logged in to my secret email and replied to the ad. Just thinking about the possibilities made my cock strain against my boxers until it poked out the front. I finished my email to them and hesitated before clicking send. Did I really want to go through with this? If I heard back from them and went to this "party" there would be no turning back. I would officially have had my first man on man experience. Man on man on man on man on man on man to be exact.

My first adventure in drag

Aug 27th @ 1:50am EDT

It had always been a fantasy of mine. I have very feminine features and long natural straight brown hair-which I recently had shortened to chin length.
I have been dressing in women's clothing now for many months and had decided that this was the night to get made up totally and head out into public.
It took me a while to get ready because I wanted my look to be perfect.
I chose my favorite black lace hipsters with the matching garter belt. My stockings were new, silk, and black with lace trim. They felt so good against my freshly shaved legs and trimmed pubes.
I finished the underwear off with a black lace bra I had just bought because it matched the panties, garter, and hose. I felt so good after taking a long hot bath and shaving everything I needed to. My make up turned out wonderfully-with mascara accentuating my long lashes and earth tone eye shadow highlighting my coffee brown eyes, and of course ruby red lipstick making my lips look full and juicy. My skirt came just below the knee and was a deep red color-made more red by the black stockings-and hugged my little ass nicely. I put on a silk top that was two tones of blue and was tight enough you could see the bra outline underneath. The neck line was modest but if I bent the right way you saw the lacy bra. My outfit was completed by high heeled black leather shoes that had brass buckles up the sides and made my ass look hot. A small hand bag was all I needed to hold money and house keys. A dab of a nice flowery perfume and I was in character.
The cab dropped me in front of a local bar where I was sure I could be seen, but not by anyone I knew. I swear the whole ride the cabby stared at my legs.
So far so good.
I went in and sat at a table, ordered a white wine, and watched the people float around the bar. As I finished my first glass the waitress brought over another and said it was from the man at the bar in the grey suit. I accepted and waved him over to sit down. He was very attractive with a chiseled jaw and salt and pepper hair. He was tall and dressed like he just came from a board meeting; he introduced himself as Derrick. I shook his had and we had a drink and flirted; he did not seem to realize I was a man until we got out on the dance floor and he held me close and I let his hand wander all over my ass. It was making me a little hard knowing this man wanted to have sex with me. Although I had been fantasizing about having sex with another man I had not followed through yet, but the point of no return was here and I felt this was the time to do it.
He felt the bulge beginning in my skirt and all of a sudden had this look of fear on his face.
"Are you a man?"
"Not tonight. Tonight I am Ruby."
"You are a freak."
"If you say so, but I would still suck your cock in the bathroom if you wanted." I walked him back to the table and we ordered another drink round. He sat quietly for a few minutes, finished his martini, and leaned in to tell me he was going to the washroom and if I wanted to earn a hundred dollars to follow him into the stall and get on my knees. I licked my red lips and followed at a discreet distance. He checked and there was no one in the first stall so I quickly went in and he followed, locking the door. I began unzipping his pants. He stopped me at first and told me not to speak. He found me very sexy but did not want to think about the fact I was a man; all he wanted was a quick hummer and he was going to get a cab home to his fiance. I just shrugged and told him to show me the money. If I was going to do this for money, I wanted to see the money first. He reached into his inner pocket as I took his cock out (all four inches of it) and began jerking him slowly. He fumbled at first but produced five twenty dollar bills. I had him stuff them in my bra and sank slowly to my knees. My first blow job was going to be for money! What a night; I totally became a whore.
I licked all down his shaft and sucked his balls a little but I could tell he just wanted me to blow him so I took all of him in my mouth and as his balls tapped my chin I sucked him hard and slow. He soon has his hands on my head and was guiding my rhythm as I coated his skinny little dick with my spit, so much in fact it dribbled out of my mouth and left little strings on the end of him when I came out for air. I grabbed the base of his shaft and continued shallow sucking him as I jerked him off. It only took about two minutes to make him come in my mouth. He twitched as I drained his cock of come and licked him clean before tucking him back into his trousers and standing up.
"How was that, hmm?"
"Holy shit, that was hot."
"Glad you liked it. Now on your way little man, kiss your girl for me."

My first all male four some!!

Aug 23rd @ 1:31am EDT

This story is a true one from my life experiences. Last night I met with a guy I knew from way back neither of us knew the other was gay or bi. We started talking sex and he told me that he loves asses. Men's and women's asses. I came clean and told him that I loved having my ass and mouth filled with cock! So we are talking about what we had just learned about one another when I head a knock at his front door. It was two of my other friends from school. He had invited them knowing I haven't seen any of them in a long time. Mug first friend pulls me aside and told me they were both gay as well. So I said fuck it who wants to fill my holes. They had puzzling faces on because they hadn't known about me. But when I unzipped one of their pants and pulled out a soft cock and sucked on it so hard became right there in my mouth the other one got the picture. So we all got naked and started stoking each others cocks and rubbing balls. I asked who wants what from who they all said they wanted me. One said I got dibs on that ass another wanted my mouth and the other sat and watched until he could get hard again. The one fucking my face took no time at all to figure out that I could deep throat. The one in my ass said he loved how tight my hole was. And the other one didn't last long just sitting watching he slid under me and started sucking on my cock. not to much after he started he had a mouthful of my spunk. Since I came my ass hole got even tighter and made the guy in my ass cum deep in me bareback!! And feeling his big hot load hit my insides made me suck the other guy harder and I got another large load of cream in the back of my throat and he kept fucking my face until I swallowed all of it. We all took a little break just stroking each other and chatting until I told them I have always wanted to try two cocks in my ass at one time so they all got rock hard instantly. We all got lubed up even more than we already were and I sat down on one of them with their cock standing at attention for me. When I got all of the way down on it I sat there for a minute to get used to the position then another one came up from behind me pushed me over a little so he could have a better angle but carefully making sure the first guys cock didn't come out of me and then I felt my asshole was on fire the bulbous head of his cock was pushing through and just about to pop in. Then out of no where he just s slammed his whole cock down the other guys cock and balls deep into me. I couldn't breathe it hurt so bad at first. Or maybe it was just because I was getting face fucked again at the same time the. It started to feel good. I had two rock hard grown men's cocks balls deep in me and they were both pounding away and I was sucking the cock in front of me like it was going out of style. He came so hard in my mouth I almost gagged. But just then I felt the two cocks in my ass swell up even more and both shoot nice big hot loads of cum deep in my ass. And that made me lose control ok shot my load all over the guys chest I was sitting on. Then I passed out.

The next morning was a whole other story so let me know if you liked this one and maybe I'll tell you what happened the next day.

Sean showers and spanks Simon

Aug 14th @ 1:19am EDT

The Attraction

It was during my second year at University as a mature student that I came dramatically into contact with Sean, and after that occasion my admiration for him became greater. He was twenty when he started at the same Midlands University as me, and the two years he had worked before joining my media course had marked him out as mature in character and in physique. Oh the eighteen-year-old lads were in some ways prettier, but they were mere undeveloped callow youths in comparison to Sean's properly formed manliness. Sean was even slightly ugly, for his already rugged face look a little tired and gave the air of not been looked after, at least when seen in company of those fresh yoofs whose faces didn't look as though they'd ever been out in the rain. I admit now that Sean had stood out for me right away, but I never made any attempt to admit my attraction, or to develop it.

All the way through the first year and well into the second I observed Sean from afar, but without obsession. He knew him to like pranks and be almost as laddish as the 18year olds, but never quite as bad. Indeed I saw a distance between him and these lads who had come straight from school, and I noticed the maturity that distinguished him from them, and also looked to that difference as an opening for me to approach him. The younger lads were always friendly to me but I knew they regarded me as "not one of them", so even if I had wanted closer contact I knew it to be useless. Sometimes I thought Sean would let me be his friend because I felt closer to him than he might feel to the eighteen year olds, but I never acted on that hope.

My contacts with Sean were no more than with any other member of my class, it's just I noticed them more and was more grateful for the times he sat near me, or we worked together in a group or in a pair. Halfway through the course I had allowed Sean to be nothing more than a friendly colleague, and resisted the need to be more because I was afraid of rejection. When the chance came for me to do a turn for Sean, I did it with effort and enthusiasm and tried hard to please him even in the smallest thing. So it was especially painfully to me when I let Sean down by failing to do what I promised him; little did I realize, however, that my psychological pain would become physical too.

The Book

The university library was a depressing place, not only because it was dreary but also because it generally did NOT have the book you wanted. As Easter approached, however, I found standing proudly on the shelf the very text necessary to answer the assignment on Jean Genet. Hastily I got it stamped and marched into my next lecture where I flaunted my skill to everyone. There was a lot of jealousy, and requests to borrow it, but only Sean's request reached my ears, and I promised it to him because we were both answering the same question.

Getting the book may have been easy, but writing the essay was damn hard, and I found myself working late the night before the deadline. In the pandemonium and general chaos at the end of term the promise to Sean became obscured. In any case, even if I had remembered, I would have thought myself too late because the essay deadline had passed. When Sean asked me the next day for that book, I was embarrassed and annoyed at myself for letting him down. I apologized profusely, bought his cup of tea and hoped to be forgiven. He explained that because of special circumstances he had been awarded a one week extension on the essay and so still needed the text. I offered to lend him my notes and give him some photocopies from the text, but he declined both, assured me it didn't matter and gave me a comforting squeeze as we parted.

The Phone

I didn't expect to see Sean again until next term, and as I watched television on the last Friday evening of term I thought only of my journey home on Sunday. The phone rings and surprises me, everyone has already gone home and I really don't expect a call. The bigger surprise is that it is Sean who phones, I didn't think he knew my number. Sean explains how he is staying onto to write the essay and asks if I would bring my notes and photocopies over to him. Well that's a lot of bother to me, but I am still annoyed at myself for letting Sean down, and also I realize this to be another chance for me to do a turn for my would-be friend. I cross town to the dismal concrete hall of residence, tatty, dilapidated, and broken by the many years of student high jinks and disrepair. It is normally a sea of light and too loud portable stereos, but now it is silent and dark like a broken hulk on beached on a flagstone sea. Floor after floor is empty, at least in Sean's block, and the only light I can sea is from his room and from the corridors and stairs of his block. Most of the students will have gone home, but some might be out partying and return later.

Next stop guyland

Aug 13th @ 1:41am EDT

a few years back when i was 19 years old, i was a college student studying tourism. i never really had girlfriends because i was too busy studying, working out, and hanging out with my friends. i was also freaked out by the fact i was physically attracted to a few guys in college. not knowing how to deal with this situation, i certainly didn\'t want to talk about it with them, because i knew they would laugh and probably reject me.

everyday was the same old routine; take the bus, take the subway, being surrounded by ugly, smelly people. that all changed one day as i was returning home after a long day in college. the subway was packed as always, and here i was standing in the middle of one of the cars hoping the 15-minute trip wouldn\'t be as boring as usual. within moments, i felt a hand brushing up against my ass.

at first i thought someone was trying to grab the pole to hold on, until i realized the hand continued to massage my ass cheeks. being shy, and this having never happened to me before, i didn\'t turn around to see who it was. enjoying what was going on, i was hoping the people around me wouldn\'t notice what was happening. the hand slowly slid to the front of my body until it stopped on my upper thigh. i could now see it belonged to a man. continuing to move his hand upward on my thigh, he reached his final destination-my crotch. massaging my cock through the fabric of my pants, my cock was now responding to his touch. instinctively i moved my body closer to his, my ass now rubbing against the bulge in his pants. continuing to massage my cock through my pants during the subway ride, this stranger could now feel my entire 9\" of hard meat.

suddenly, he started poking my asshole through the fabric of my pants, sending electric vibes through my body. i couldn\'t help but let out a soft moan. i couldn\'t believe how good this man was making me feel. i wanted to stay all night in the subway. he was massaging my cock with one hand and pushing a finger in my asshole with the other. i would have wanted to take my pants off to give him easier access to my body, but since there was a lot of people in the subway, i couldn\'t. at one point, in a low sexy tone the man whispered in my ear \"i\'m getting off at the next station, follow me.\" i didn\'t know what to do. i didn\'t know this guy. in fact, i couldn\'t even see his face. however, i was so aroused by the way he was touching me, curiosity got the better of me and i followed him.

once we got off the subway, i finally saw his face. he was much older than me, around 50 years old based on the graying highlights in his short light brown hair. \"my name is henry,\" he said as he pulled me close to him, squeezing my ass cheeks with his firm hands. he took my hand and led me up the stairs and out of the subway station.

Badboy's keeper

Aug 11th @ 1:44am EDT

This story begins when I was a sixteen year old, I was living in the north of England and had dropped out of school, I was seen locally as a hardman and a stud, girls would fall at my feet and I was extremely over confident, I litterally thought that nothing and no one could touch me.
I had always been bigger than the other guys in my year at school and was expelled at the age of 14 for fighting with a teacher and then did some time in a youth prison for fighting with a guy and breaking one of his arms.
I was very muscular, had started shaving when I was 13 and had a moustache, I had 8 tatoos on my arms and had one on my chest, this was very attractive to others as I couldn't go far without being eyed up by girls and women of all ages, I had already had loads of sexual experiences with girls at school and as my father was a club steward I spent a lot of time there with him and had done a few middle aged women too.
Then there was a friend that I had called John, he was very quiet and as we got to know each other got very attached to me and I reallised that I could manipulate him into doing allsorts for me.
He stayed at my house one night after we had been out and he had missed his last bus home.
I woke up and his hand was on my stomache, I got hard and moved so that my meat was in his hand and he awoke , startled but he let me fuck him, we were hard at it when my father came into the room. He just looked adnd then left the room.
Nothing had been said for over a week and I thought that it was forgotten about and I had slept with my girlfriend a few more times. She had stayed and my parents didn't mind.
It was Thursday morning and I woke up at around 12 as usual, My father was in the sitting room and told me that he had decided to send me to Spain to stay with his younger brother who lived on a farm and would teach me how to be reponsible and how to do a hard days work.
I didn't mind as I was bored and the weather was shit, my girlfriend had become tiresome and I had started to get pressure from John who seemed to be falling in love with me and I had stared to make matters worse by fucking him at any opportunity I was really beginning to find this more exciting than sex with my girl and it was confusing, I knew that 6 months away from everything would be good and I could come back and start again.
My uncle was 38 he had been in the army until he was 35. He was a monster, 6'8&#8243; of solid muscle, he was in prime condition, he only shaved on a Friday night when he went ou and was really hairy, he had 22&#8243; arms and everything else in proportion, he had a full gym in the house and went running for an hour and a half every morning at 5.30 before starting work on the farm, working out during the siesta for two hours and worked again till 8pm.
He lived alone and had a big reputation in the local town as a womaniser (but only at the weekends).
He met me at the airport and on the drive to the farm told me that he had been a free reign to make a man out of me by my father.

My new friend

Jul 23rd @ 2:49am EDT

When I was 19 I was pretty inexperienced about sex, I was confused and not sure of my sexuality. I mean I liked girls but didn't really know any.

Well that summer I met a guy at a penny arcade; we struck up a conversation while playing the games. He ask me if I wanted go to his place for a beer, well he was a few years older but I said sure. When we got to his place he gave me a beer and I set on the couch, he disappeared for what seem liked a half hour. When he came back into the living room with two more beers he looked liked he had taking a shower and was nude except a towel around his waist and he sat next to me on the couch.

I finish my first beer and was on my second he asked me if I had been with another guy, well I was surprised he was so blunt and said no. This was well built a good looking, as I finish my second beer he got to get me another and his towel dropped off and I saw a 6&#8243; cock semi hard and my groin started to throb. Well he came back with a third beer and by now I feeling good and he sit down on my lap. He start to kiss me I didn't fight I let him continue putting his tongue in my mouth rubbing me through my clothes and I was getting hard.

Well he was pushing his cock into my hand and I stroked it like was my own. Man was it hard. He whispered in my ear suck it but I didn't know how and I told him so. Well he said he'd show me and told me to get undressed. Now I was unsure but I got undressed any way and my dick was pretty hard and I am uncut unlike him. He sat me on the couch and my dick's sticking up he starting nibbling the head slowly and I really liked the feeling and its getting hard so hard I couldn't stand this very long, he's working it in and out of his mouth I grab his head run my hands through his hair I said I 'm cumming and shot the biggest load and he sucked and gobbled it all down not drop was spilled.

Now it's my turn I drank up my third beer, he stood up and put his cock at my lips well I started licking at the head and begin working in it my mouth but I would gag, he told me to go slower and he put his hands on my head well work at it for what seem like a long time. I am swallowing as I get it in and he's pushing and it's in the back of throat his pubic hair is around my nose. By now his cock is throbbing and he pushes a little further and bam cum is flowing down my throat and he pulls out just a little and it fills me so full I couldn't keep it all in my mouth. Its running out my lips but he holds and pushes it in and my throat feels it pumping, throbbing I didn't want it to end. Well he pulls out licks the cum off my face and chest and kisses me. Well we were not finish by a long shot he proceeded to show me the ways of male-to-male sex.

He sucked me again an licked my ass hole oh what a feeling he licked and pushed a finger it in and then two and three by now I squirming and pushing back and he's holding my cock and pumping then puts his hard dick there and rams it home boy did it hurt, a good hurt soon he's working in me fucking me with my legs in the air like a bitch. He's jacking my dick while he's doing this and I cum all over his hand well he puts in my face and pushing it in my mouth I tasting my own cum and he's cumming in my ass what an afternoon we finish up and the next day I moved in.

For the next three years he taught me all about sex he dressed me as a woman and we had sex and I made a pretty girl too. He'd bring guys over for me to suck and be serviced anally by them I loved it some didn't know I was a man. I wore the finest women's clothes and make up. We went to bath houses and we'd have sex, we go to the gym and work out then have sex in the steam room I became a real slut. Went we parted I was going from man to man sex was a blur I never found true love. I cannot get enough sex I am constantly looking for the next lover. I still dress as woman and still fool plenty of men but once alone they love my talents has a cocksucker. I love my life.


Jul 22nd @ 3:33am EDT

Mario is this man who delivers general supplies to my company on Thursdays. I've made a habit of passing our supply closet, and needing supplies on Thursday afternoons. I've been dreaming of him for weeks. Many times after an encounter with him i have to rush to the bathroom downstairs for an urgent jacking-off. Noone ever used the downstairs bathroom. plus its a single toilet one so theres a lock on the outside door.
He is my height with tan skin, light green eyes, lush lips and dark hair, a striking combination worthy of a supermodel. Northern Italian maybe?
I've been watching the clock for roughly 20 minutes. he usually arrives between 3:20 and 3:35 and stops in the mailroom first to have Jordan, the mouthy mail clerk who I've sodomized several times, sign for the arrival. Jordan is in a serious relationship now so he looks, often with a familiar fire in his eyes, but he doesn't touch. Love does that, I guess.
I sit in a cubicle by the window, right underneath the cold air conditioner vent. Outside the sun is beating down on the trees by the window. Lucky for me i have a partial view of the driveway leading to the door where the deliveries are brought in. It usually takes about 6 minutes from the time that i see his truck drive by, until he actually gets inside to see Jordan. This week i made a special order for folders so ill have a reason to seek him out.
Then i see it. The white truck flits by, and I catch it out the side of my eye. my heat quickens. Its 3:25. He's right on time.
nows the wait for him to come in.
I turn around and make light conversation with my neighbor, Marcia. Shes a nice gal and flirts with me sometimes, but usually the purpose of my talking to her is so I can be faced to the door and see Mario come through.
The sun moves out from behind the clouds and beats down on my back. I should have shut the blinds. Its a scorcher out there. The sun would beat down on Marios skin and cause his crevices to get damp. I wonder if hes as tan under his clothes as he is on his arms.
I feign interest in what Marcia is saying. Its mean but i don't ask anything i really want to know because I'm not listening. I'll just have to ask again later.
then a dark figure moves into view and instantly my eyes flick to him.
He looks a little tanner than he did last time i saw him. Hes about 5'10, my height, and wearing shorts. His legs are also bronze and nicely shaped. This guys works for a living, he doesn't sit around. and it shows. oh my god does it show. if he were smart he'd do some modeling on the side.
Hes facing Jordan and i can see Jordan talking animately. there is the faint stain of sweat under his arms. He must have just gotten done unloading the boxes that hold our supplies. His butt is obscured by the walls of the cubicles in this office. he sways a little in conversation, obviously trying to move away from Jordan.
He began walking away toward the door to the hall. I got up and quickly covered the long distance to the door. I reached it just in time to see his blue shirt disappear in the supply room.
If I went in there too quickly would he know I was waiting? would he be on to me? do i want him to suspect my attraction to him? i think i do.
So i don't hesitate in picking up my pace a little. my heart is thudding as i open the door and try to look nonchalant.

Best men story

Jul 21st @ 2:44am EDT

I met the man in a bar. He seemed nice enough and then he invited me to meet his girl friend and have some dinner. I accepted and we went to his place. When we arrived he told me she stepped out and would be back some then offered me a drink. I was given a beer and we sat on the patio and drank. After my first beer I was feeling kind of drunk. He said it must be the heat and we went inside to cool off. Then I started to slur my words. He stood up and said. 'It's time we got naked.' He took my clothes off me as each passing minute I was becoming paralyzed, although I could breathe and move a little I was more or less helpless.

He had me naked on the floor then carried me to the bedroom and put me on the bed. He had me face down and he moved his hand all over my ass then began to rub oil all over it. His hand moved up and down between my crack of my ass then he began using both hands rubbing my ass and spreading them apart while his finger played with my hole. He then rolled me over placing my hands above my head then place my feet side by side. He applied oil to my balls letting the oils run between my legs. He took my cock into his mouth and with his tongue played with it. His hand gently rubbed under my balls and his finger slid outside my hole back and forth. I began to get hard as he began to move his head up and down my shaft all the while his finger playing with my hole.

He began to get more aggressive with my cock, taking it deeper into his mouth and now pushing his finger into my hole that gave no resistance at all. 'I know you are a whore, I can taste it and your ass wants my finger.' He then rolled me back over onto my stomach. Once again he applied oil to my ass and rubbed it spreading the cheeks but this time his thumbs pushed into my hole. 'See Slut you want it.' He said all the while I could not talk or move. He sunk his finger deep into my hole pushing it as far as it would go. 'Oh ya you want it!' he rolled my back over my cock now hard popping up at him. 'See you're hard you want it, but I want you to want me even if you are not horny.' He began sucking my cock and fingering my ass with two fingers. I was going to explode when he stopped and began jerking my cock hard and with lots of oil on his hand. I soon shot. My load shooting up to my chin. He rubbed my seed into my chest along with some oil. 'See you were so horny you came so fast.' He said while slowly pumping my cock for the last reminisces of my seed.

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